Thursday, 17 April 2014

Sometimes, like lately

Sometimes things get away from you, you’re managing alright with all the things you have to do until you don’t complete your list one day and it spills over to the next day and then the next. When that happens I feel there comes a point where you have to stop and reset, you have to forget about catching up, even though that’s really hard to do.

It’s been such a busy time of late and blogging, although I love it, has been forced into the backseat. Considering this I’m pretty please I’m managing to put up only one less post this week than normal (all thanks to my love of Fourteen Fiction, otherwise it would have been one). My new blogging schedule (not that I had one before) -write on Monday, put together on Friday- is working great, it’s just last week something had to give and it was the blog.

I’m working hard to get back into a solid schedule, but a good schedule is flexible and mine certainly had to be this past month. I just have to work on making writing a priority, my efforts to do this is the main reason my blogging schedule got a bit messed up.
Sometimes I let myself get carried away doing the little things on my list before the stuff I want/really need to do like writing. The little things take up a lot of time if you put them together, so I’m trying to write first. Basically make writing as have-to-do as my study was. Hard because I don’t have the same kind of pressure, but doable.

I’ve gotten back into writing daily lists and that’s really helped me be more organised over the last month, I just need to work on not over-filling it, which is so tempting!

There’s lots to work on and my schedule system seems to change every once and awhile, but that’s okay because I feel like, for now, it’s working really well.

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  1. I'm sure you'll figure your routine out & yes, it's far too easy to fill up a list...


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