Monday, 14 April 2014

Fourteen Fiction | last woman standing

This month’s Fourteen Fiction is an unusual case. Normally I write my Fourteen Fiction, am pretty happy with it (lately, at least) and then move on. That’s where it ends.
But these characters and their situation have captured my interest; I feel there’s more to them than what I’ve written here and that’s actually kind of exciting.

The Words:
The Last Woman Standing {calendar prompt}
Hat {Christopher}
Deluge {Amy, via The Hobbit movie, which we were watching as I wrote, one of the dwarves said it and Amy chose it.}

‘Not here yet?’ Esme asked, sweetly. Her smirk was barely contained.

‘No,’ Sebastian said, shortly, trying to exhibit an air of unconcern.

‘You’d hate for her to be late,’

Sebastian couldn’t help but glance into the dark courtyard; the clouds had turned the day into night long before dusk. Esme grinned and he cursed his falter. ‘I’m not concerned.’ He assured her.

‘Of course, you aren’t,’ she said in mock believe, before flouncing off. He glared after her until she disappeared into the main hall. Her exit released the chaos of the tournament into the hall for a second, and then only rain was left to fill the silence.

Sebastian closed his eyes and tried to allow the rain to wash out his anxiety. It didn’t work, so he turned his attention onto the festive tapestries. He was in the middle of discerning whether a crimson blub was a dancing woman or a fish when the sound of heels on stone prepared him for company. She stepped into the candle-lit hall and pushed back her hood, revealing wind ruffled hair and a wide grin. Sebastian tried not to let relief show on his face.

‘Lucy,’ he almost sighed, then quickly pulled himself up. ‘This rain has cursed us no end of trouble. The tournament had to be moved inside, some events have been cancelled. Not to mention you had to make your way through this deluge.’

‘I don’t mind it,’ Lucy said, slightly out of breath from her walk.

Sebastian looked down at her wet and muddy skirt and flicked his hand. Her hem dried in an instant. Lucy raised an eyebrow. He narrowed his eyes, taking in her rain frizzed hair. He tucked a strand behind her ear and her hair pulled itself together.

‘I could have done that,’

Sebastian shook his head and held out an arm. ‘We can’t have you wasting any magic.’

‘Always the thoughtful one, Sebastian, thank you.’ Lucy took his arm and he led her to the competitor’s entrance. The familiar panelled door looked rather more foreboding in the dim. Sebastian glanced at Lucy but she seemed unfazed. She patted her head, frowning. ‘I forgot my hat.’

Sebastian reached up and clicked his fingers; her tall, gray casting hat appeared in his hand. Lucy exchanged it for her wet cloak and place in on her head, just so.

‘Remember,’ Sebastian said, nervously folding the cloak. ‘Stay calm, you have everything you need to win.’

‘Don’t worry,’ Lucy said. She flashed him a reassuring look, before pulling out her wand and setting her face in a confident smile. ‘I’ll make sure I’m the last woman standing.’


  1. does that mean we might get to read more of this story some time? than would be awesome :)


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