Monday, 7 April 2014

Diploma | in review

I officially graduate from my Advanced Diploma of Arts (Professional Writing) tomorrow so it seems an appropriate day to share a brief review/musing/thing on my diploma.

It’s crazy to think about how long I’ve been studying – 4 years! I clearly remember getting the acceptance letter, how stunned I was to have gotten in and how daunted I was to have committed myself to such an unimaginably long time – it was hard to believe I’d be 21 by the time I finished.

Now that I’ve settled into a new routine, focused on other writing projects, I don’t miss my diploma as much, until I start thinking about it and how fun it was. But it was also challenging and stressful and while I miss it, I’m perfectly happy to be working on my own projects now.

I’ve grown so much as a writer (and a person) during these last four years; my horizons are bigger (poetry and screen now fascinate me) and my dedication stronger. Not to mention my want and willingness to improve my incomplete knowledge of grammar and my limited vocab, something I use to not be fussed about.

This diploma has cemented my passion for storytelling and given me challenges that have pushed me to grow. I haven’t always enjoyed the challenges, but with every module I could see there was potential to learn, all I had to do was my best. My philosophy was “there is always something to learn”.

Some of my most challenging modules were Manage a Writing Business and Write Reviews. But nothing compares to The Law and the Writer, my most challenging, confusing and stressful module, which I actually managed to do quite well in.

Some of my favourite, most inspiring and enjoyable modules were Write for Film and Television and Write Poetry. But, of course, my most fondly remembered was my Extended Projectworking with an amazing mentor and being given free range to do what I want.

I feel the diploma given me a solid foundation for my writing, I knew so little setting out and I know so much more now. Really I’d recommend this to any foundling writer looking to be taught the basics of all forms and given good feedback and encouragement. Even in modules you think are totally opposite to what you want to do, there is something to be learnt, gained and applied to your own form.

I’m not sure whether I’d have actually completed a novel by now, know as much, improved so greatly or feel as able if I hadn’t done this diploma. Possibly, but I’m not convinced. I may have done one or two of those things but probably not all.

I enjoyed being given a challenge, finding an idea and then giving it my all. Of course, there’s been a great deal of stress but even that’s not all bad, I’ve been forced to get better at dealing with it and I hope I have. It makes me smile to think of the last four years and I’m excited for the next four.

I’m extremely pleased with all I’ve accomplished during this diploma. It’s been marvellous.
Four years very well spent.

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