Wednesday, 3 September 2014

2014 | this funny old thing called a schedule

the colours are slightly different now. I had to make them a bit darker because some days were way too hard to read.
One of the things, actually the main thing, this year is meant to be about is finding a working method that I can take into the next year.

Recently, I rejigged my schedule because it just wasn’t working anymore. It seems that I have to do that every once and a while. I think why I needed a change this time was because my old schedule was very similar to the schedule I used during my diploma and I just don’t work that way anymore.

I’m pretty exciting about this new working regime. Part of the reason why is this new schedule may be the first to actually take into account the amount of time non-writing things take me and accepts the fact that achieving these other things is important to me, even though they don’t include writing {writing is still the priority, of course!} 

I’ve given myself three days a week of solid, full-day, writing, which is less than before. But I believe/hope that by giving myself three dedicated days of writing, instead of five semi-dedicated days of writing, I’ll be more efficient. I’ll know I’ve given myself enough time during the week to craft, blog, be in the shop, work on the shop website, go to markets, train Holly, etc. so I will be able to concentrate fully on writing on those three days.

My hope is by giving myself enough time to do the other things and days reserved for writing; I’ll be more productive than before. I feel really lucky that I have so much time to organise how I like, I know in the next year that’s going change, so I have to enjoy it while it lasts!

Sunday, 31 August 2014

August Break // week four

The fourth and final week! I had a lot of fun with August Break this year and while it didn’t allow me to get ahead in the blog-post-drafting game, it freed up space for me to figure out a new schedule and to work furiously towards an important deadline.

26. Morning // my favourite time of day.

27. Lines // writing is really just connected lines.

28. Something new // a new schedule, really excited about this!

29. Nature // apricot blossoms are probably my favourite kind.

25. Little / 30. Soft / 31. Love // I combined these three because I thought they were perfect together and I instantly thought of Holly when I saw the prompts.

See ya next year, August Break!

Friday, 29 August 2014

August Break // week three

Week three: I’m so late with this one! But I was super busy working on completing some work because a deadline and then jumped straight into another project.

18. Jump // currently reading.

19. Black + white // my fake glasses double as a stand to collect notes in, like this list of words I still need to look up.

20. Peaceful // early morning, out on a walk.

21. Treasures // my tardis and special bracelets.

She waited til the moon had fully risen to set out. Lorna had arranged to meet by the water fountain. It wasn’t the safest, but out of the two options she had received it was the best. She hated going through with something without a clear idea of who or what was waiting for her, but that was the job.

The tunnel of roses cast dappled shadow over her path, the constantly shifting light made it hard to see. It was perfect for catching someone unaware. But she wouldn’t let that happen.

22. Shadow // I couldn’t think of a photo for this prompt, so instead I used it for the 28th daily writing.

23. Adornment // my usual adornments – my graduation ring {kismet}, jewelflyt earrings and the bracelet I got for my 22nd.

24. Memory // a collection of things from travel and childhood.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Fourteen Fiction | Rose & Mayo

This month’s Fourteen Fiction is, I realise, not on the fourteenth. It’s a week late due to technical difficulties (losing a whole day’s work) and an important deadline. Better late than never, though!

It’s a little different this month, instead of asking for words from the family, I used the 14th’s August Break prompt, plus my calendar prompt, and came up a kind of fanfiction. By that I mean, I totally set this in the Doctor Who universe (plus named the DCI after a character from one of my favourite mystery shows).

The words/inspirations!
streaks of purple cut across the sky {Calendar Prompt}
Hands {August break day 14 prompt}

Purple streaked across the sky, but night still clung to the edges of the city. From afar it looked like a brooding monster, Rose thought. She dropped her gaze back to the fields surrounding the warehouse and continued to wait for her superior to arrive. The other divisions went about their tasks with practiced detachment.


Rose turned to the young constable. It only took her a moment to remember his name, it seemed somehow familiar. ‘Yes, Tyler?’

‘DCI Mayo has arrived.’

‘Thank you.’ Rose took a deep breath and went back to the crime scene where Mayo stood as if she’d been there for hours. Her dark hair was pulled back and sleek, like her coat. She was dressed all in black, always black. Mayo looked up at Rose, her expression indistinguishable. ‘Sir,’ Rose kept her tone flat, trying to simultaneously hide her annoyance and ignore the body lying between them.

‘Sorry to keep you waiting, Watson,’ Mayo said, no explanation, there never was. ‘I trust you’ve already examined everything. Who is this unfortunate fellow?’

‘Rose took out her notebook. ‘Victim was an employee, Mark Rogers.’

Mayo squatted down as she pulled on her gloves. Rose couldn’t ignore him any longer. Rodgers wore an expression of terror, but was otherwise untouched. Rose couldn’t look away from the dead man’s face. It was what disturbed her the most.

‘Rose?’ Mayo said, an odd tone in her voice.

Rose looked up as Mayo lifted one of the victim’s hands. ‘Look at his hands.’

Rose frowned, but when she saw the black lines dashed across them, dread started to creep up her back. She tried to think of another, more harmless reason, but couldn’t.

Mayo stood. She spoke with forced calm. ‘There is only one person to call.’

Rose looked back at the body. ‘But how do we find him?’

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Hair // purple, again!

My hair is purple, again! This time it’s kind of purple, kind of pink. It’s much pinker in real life; I think ‘grape’ describes it best.

My hairdresser wanted to try out a new technique she’d learnt, I was happy to play guineapig and this is the result. I love it and its fun to have some colour in my hair again. This time it’s a permanent, so it should keep the purple tone longer.

Thanks, Vickie, for playing photographer and Holly for not succeeding in eating my cat ears!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

August Break // week two

This week saw me working hard on my novel so I can make Monday’s deadline, a birthday, continued chilly weather and a spot of rain, some of which you will see below but mostly not. :)

11. Handwriting // an entry in my 365 book (the story in the photo is about writing)

12. On the Table // eggs, strawberries, plus my afternoon snack.

13. My Guilty Pleasure // I love re-watching and re-watching and re-watching my favourite movies but I don’t feel guilty about it.

15. Blue // Her Royal Cuteness and the birthday boy.

16. Look down // James’ birthday cake, a black forest.

17. Bookshelf // a glance at my manga collection.

*I used the 14th’s prompt – hands- as inspiration for my Fourteen Fiction, which will be posted next Thursday, so it doesn’t appear here.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

August Break // week one

First week of August Break done and dusted! I have to say I’m really enjoying snapping a few photos every other day. This week I’ve mixed in a couple of little fiction snippets, I think I’ll include one or two every week.

01. Lunch // leftover satay sauce and veg, yum!

02. Pattern // off to a job interview with an array of pattern.

03. Window // my favourite window in the house is big and bright and a lovely place to read.

‘Orange you glad I came?’ Aoife said, grinning.
Heidi rolled her eyes. ‘Really, Aoife, that is bad.’
Aoife laughed. ‘I know!’
Heidi looked down at the blank orange tea towel and shook her head. She looked back at Aoife and couldn’t hide her smirk. ‘It’s perfect.’
04. Orange // I love a good pun and couldn’t think of a photo idea, so writing it was!

05. Three // Mum and I collected some paint swatches for the stall displays we plan to transform.

She hurried through the forest; blades of moonlight stabbed through the canopy and lent her precious light. Her breathe caught and an ache laced her side, but Maya didn’t slow until the twisted oak appeared through the shadows.
Beyond it was the mirrored surface of the lake. Maya broke the chain around her neck with a swift yank and tossed it, unceremoniously into the lake, breaking its perfect surface.
06. Reflection // again, didn’t know quite what to do with this photo wise and I had an idea of a little, short piece.

07. Today is... // ...saying, ‘goodbye, blonde!’

08. Selfie // a photo of myself actually taken by me for a change + cat ears, just because.

09. In my bag // various things, like two notebooks I rarely ever use and a pen that is only a very recent addition.

 10. Drink // Tea, of course.