Saturday, 31 October 2015

Blossom and bloom

This spring was been the usual wonderful abundance of blossoms – peach, apricot, apple, plum & nectarine – and also the bulbs Mum and I planted late in autumn. The ranunculus gave an incredible display of yellow, pinks and reds. They are probably my favourite bulbs.

I can’t really remember what the not-ranunculus bulbs are, but they were also incredibly pretty. And despite not really feeling I had time to blog, I did seem to find some inspiration to go out and document our garden display, which was a nice study de-stresser.

+ A very happy birthday to my little sister, who turns 21 today!

Sunday, 27 September 2015

One hundred words of now, vol. 2

Day-dreaming. Planning. Stories. Long. Short. Getting back into writing. Daily. Occasionally. Oranges. Stress. Study. Catch-up. Guidance. Appreciation. Spring. Blossoms. Blubs. Blooming. Sunlight. Early morning. Photo-taking. Crisp air. Future thinking. Excitement. Daunting. Scary. Applications. Changing courses (literally!). Blog. Changing tack. Slowly. Words. SIS (sister in Scotland). Missing. Chatting. Emojis. X Factor. New ideas. Scheming. Hope. Big dreams. Celebrate. Nonsense. Relearning old lessons. Lists. Pushing through. Relaxing. Deep breathe. Piano. Stress released. Mottos. Reading. Light shirts. Open. Today. Sleep-in. Slow start. Sun. Warm. Lazing about. Playing with Holly. Tea. Apple. Biscuit. Pinterest. Cooking dinner. Blogging. De-stress. Happy. Chocolates. Recharge. Rest. Enjoy. Now.

*Inspired by Susannah Conway’s ‘One hundred words of now’

Thursday, 3 September 2015

2015 | July & August

July was a very nice month, but it went by so fast! I only had one subject most of the month, which was probably why it went by so fast. I enjoyed my birthday at the beginning of July and crafted madly for a flinder’s street market.

The second semester officially started in the last week and Developing a Play Curriculum, Design and Technology and Numeracy joined Teaching and Learning in Aboriginal Education.
Since the first semester ended, I’ve been really thinking about whether I was on the right path. Lots of thinking ensued and I decided that a new path was required. It’s both exciting and scary.

/// 1. My new laptop, which I promptly covered with awesome stickers! // 2. My 23rd birthday cake ///

August went by at a much more respectable rate. Although I slipped behind, and this led, predictably, to stress! But I figured out a new schedule and Teaching and Learning in Aboriginal Education wrapped up, so September should allow me to regain some control.

Other than that I attended some open days (a couple of residential colleges and, hopefully, my new uni) which was fun and exciting, started teaching myself not to doubt myself all the time and our blubs started to flower!

/// 3. J-bro’s birthday cake // 4. Holly had her 2nd birthday in August! // 5. She also had a new haircut and looks fabulous ///

Monday, 31 August 2015

a garden a late winter

Before the clock strikes midnight and winter is over for another year, I wanted to take a moment to celebrate my favourite season by looking at what the garden’s doing lately. Our bulbs are starting to bloom!

Friday, 31 July 2015

Comic Con: the most fun you can have waiting in line for 2 & a half hours

Comic Con was awesome!

I know it was two and a half months ago, but, now that I have the time, I couldn’t not blog about Comic Con. I mean...

We met Billie Piper {!!!!!!!!!!!!!} who is awesome and lovely and so sweet. Amy and I {and James for the second half} waited 2&½ hours to get her autograph and it was totally worth it. She made time for everyone and I managed to offer a few words but I think I was a tad star struck.
We also met Michael Shanks {Daniel Jackson!} who was cool and funny.

There were so many good cosplayers {the best was the four doctors and Amy}, stalls full of the coolest stuff and fun Q&A panels. The best panel was Billy Boyd’s {aka Pippin!!!!!}, he was funny and engaging and I wished his panel had gone on longer and I’d had an endless budget and gotten an autograph/photograph.

Anyway, we had a great time and I can’t wait to go again next year {maybe, perhaps, we might cosplay...}.

I did learn a few things from this first comic con:
1. Don’t give up perfectly good seats hoping to get better, it’s not worth it & could backfire {I’m still kicking myself} 2. It’s worth spending more on autographs/photos rather than worrying about items 3. Getting there an hour before it opens is worth it.

Best thing about this adventure? Meeting Billie Piper!

Thursday, 30 July 2015

2015 | May & June

May and June were tremendously busy months, focused almost solely on study. My blog {and every other hobby} hiatus was accidental, but there really was nothing for it.

Study and the stress of being behind with assignments due was my life. But I got through it with decent to surprisingly good results. As my older sister said, it shows I can still get it all done even in less than ideal circumstances. Overall, I’m really proud of myself.

My first placement started in May {which means I visited a school several times and started to learn what being a teacher is actually like} and ended in June with a week block. It was an eye-opening, great, exhausting, testing, terrifying learning experience.

And after all that I was very much ready for a break!

I didn’t just study during May and June...// 1. Eurovision biscuits – a beautiful tradition // 2. For my assignments I borrowed a few books // 3. Mum made me a super special study buddy – Billie! // 4. Study, study, study // 5/6. I reorganised my area, finally! // 7. New ritual – weekly mottos // 8. We celebrated Dad’s birthday at the beginning of June with cheesecake!

Wednesday, 29 July 2015


23 words for my twenty-third birthday:
Perfectly imperfect. Emotional. Lost. New lessons. Enjoy. 23. Embrace. Wishes. Blissful. Tennis. Writing. Surprise. Delight. Colour. Old favourite. Deliciousness. Singing. Happy. Pampered. Celebration.